Air-duct fans

WLE-MARAT-900 is an axial-flow fan with an electric motor. The fan is particularly well suited for ventilation purposes in coal mines. It conforms to the existing standards and regulations for devices operating in potentially explosive environment. The fan can reliably and efficiently meet our customers’ specifications and duties in the most demanding environments in the world.

Conditions of use:

  • Fan can be used in any industrial plant that needs air supplied in the amount of ~1200m3/min.,
  • Example of use: underground works (mining), in places with high methane concentration,
  • Ambient temperature: : 10°C to 40°C.

Standard equipment:

  • Self-lubricating motor bearing with the automatic lubricator filled with universal grease,
  • silencers,
  • Duct-mounted terminal box (ø 1000 or ø 1200 mm).

Additional equipment:

  • electric switches,
  • feedback controller.