Granulator is a device that can handle coal slurry with ease and is commonly used to crush coal in power plants, mines, cement plants, and other applications. Coal slurry is eventually converted into granules by a granulator. Granulation is conducted by use of a drum. Coal can be fed to a drum by means of a conveyor belt or other transport device. After the granules are produced, they are emptied through a hole in the bottom of the drum directly onto the conveyor belt. Finished granules can then be either stored or transported for further processing.

We design granulators in full compliance with our customers’ specifications and needs.

Here you can see standard specifications of our granulators:

  • Coal handling capacity: 50 tons/hour (this depends on the quality and performance of the feed)
  • Power: ~300 kW
    • without conveyor drives; can be fully adjusted to the needs of a particular installation
  • Machinery accessories:
    • Dimensions of the mixing drum : 6,000 x 3,000 mm,
    • Adjustable speed of the drum: 25 ÷ 50 rev. / min.; can be fully adjusted to the needs of a particular installation
  • Material storage silos, quicklime, supporting the processes:
    • Capacity: 18m3
    • Dimensions: 9.200 x 2.300 mm
    • Electrically-operated knife gate valve
    • Material dispenser
    • Feeding screw L=11.000 mm