We offer a comprehensive range of power transmission products to our customers worldwide. We serve almost all industries by providing access to premium-class power transmission parts.

Product range:

  • V-belts, ribbed belts
  • Chains
  • Pulleys
  • Sprockets
  • Sleeves
  • Hubs
  • Coupling and Cardan joints

Industrial segments:

  • Cement
  • Road construction
  • Fans & compressors
  • Textile
  • Pulp & Paper
  • General machinery
  • Ceramic
  • Food & Beverage
  • Oil & Gas
  • Agriculture
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Belts and pulleys

We supply premium class as well as affordable high performance single and banded v-belts, timing belts, ribbed belts, polyurethane belts and other special-purpose belts. Our consultants offer assistance in selecting a right product to suit your requirements and needs.


  • V-belts,
  • Timing belts
  • Ribbed belts
  • Kraftbands


  • pulleys for V-belts
  • pulleys for timing belts
  • pulleys with taper sleeve
  • special pulleys


  • Drives of machinery and equipment in manufacturing and processing industries
  • Maintenance
  • Household appliances
  • Food processing
  • Agricultural machinery and equipment

Chains and sprockets

We provide chains and sprockets produced in the most state-of-the-art factories in the world. All our products conform to ISO standards as well as other industry standards such as ANSI, BS, DIN and JIS.


  • Roller chains
  • Links
  • Double pitch chains
  • Chains with increased resistance to corrosion
  • Chains for oil fields,
  • Chains for conveyors
  • Engineering chains
  • Leaf chains
  • Silent chains
  • Maintenance-free chains.




  • Metric sprockets, simplex, pilot bore
  • Metric sprockets, simplex, bored-to-size
  • Metric sprockets, simplex, taper bushed
  • Metric sprockets, double simplex, pilot bore
  • Metric sprockets, double simplex, taper bushed
  • Metric sprockets, duplex, standard
  • Metric sprockets, duplex, taper bushed
  • Metric sprockets, triplex, standard
  • Metric sprockets, triplex, taper bushed
  • ANSI sprockets, simplex, pilot bore
  • ANSI sprockets, simplex, taper bushed
  • ANSI sprockets, double simplex, pilot bore
  • ANSI sprockets, double simplex, taper bushed
  • ANSI sprockets, duplex, pilot bore
  • ANSI sprockets, duplex, taper bushed
  • ANSI sprockets, triplex, pilot bore


We supply a wide range of couplings both in standard and customized versions. Couplings are available in a multitude of types, sizes and nominal strength, hence rendering them suitable for many applications and operating environments.

  • Grid couplings
  • Gear couplings
  • Flex couplings
  • Flex spacer coupling
  • Chain couplings
  • Rigid couplings
  • FRC couplings
  • Jaw couplings
  • Universal joints

Bushings and hubs

Bushings and hubs are made of high quality steel. The overwhelming majority of them are coated with phosphate or blackened for improved corrosion resistance. Both metric and imperial bore sizes are available.

Following types of bushings are available:

  • Taper Bushings
  • QD Bushings
  • FX Keyless Bushings
  • Weld-on Hubs
  • Bolt-on Hubs