Marat Group specializes in the design and production of industrial equipment and equipment parts for a wide variety of industries. Continuous improvements in infrastructure, logistics and workforce development have allowed creation of the production unit capable of large-scale production of turnkey industrial equipment and specialized services in the field of electric installation work, services and diagnostic.

Marat Group’s main products and services include:

1. Gearboxes:

  • Designing of industrial power transmission solutions for a wide range of industrial application
  • Renovation of standard as well as special-purpose gearboxes
  • Manufacturing of gearbox parts and assemblies (housings, shafts, gears, frames, spindle, etc.)

2. Welded structures:

  • Manufacturing of parts and complete assemblies for machinery used in mining, energy and metallurgical industries
  • Production of parts and complete assemblies for transport vehicles and equipment
  • Manufacturing of parts and complete weldments, including bulky equipment for various industries

Marat Group’s welded structures fully meet the requirements of ISO 3834, execution classes of I, II and III.
3. Services:

  • Installation, maintenance and diagnostic services of industrial bearings, machinery and equipment
  • Electrical installation and wiring services for mining facilities.

Comprehensive technical documentation is prepared for machinery and equipment using the latest 3D CAD software and specialized support applications. Our engineering team also carries out digital prototyping allowing us to streamline our entire product development process. Our design office performs all necessary tasks to ensure that our customers’ complex and demanding requirements are fully met.

Marat Group pays meticulous attention to the quality of its products and services. Our strong adherence to high-quality standards is evidenced by the integrated quality management system that meets the requirements of ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and ISO 18001 and numerous references given by our customers and partners from almost all industries.

Products that are especially designed for mining industry fully conform to the requirements of the current Machinery and ATEX directives.

Awards granted to Marat Group (e.g. Business Gazelle and Innovation Laureate) further attest to the fact that we are a reliable and professional supplier that meets even the most intricate demands of our customers. Our main objective is to gain our customers’ trust and in order to do so, we continuously strive to adapt to their needs.