Test bench

Marat Group performs comprehensive diagnostic tests and measurements of various types of industrial gearboxes on its modern test bench that was designed by ABB.

Advantages of using the test bench:

  • Enables the control of work conditions (e.g. torque, vibrations, etc.)
  • Enables the control of the gear reducer’s engine oil temperature
  • Allows for preventive interference
  • Enables data recording, data processing, reporting and plotting
  • Ensures that gearboxes can be tested under real operating conditions

The test bench enables to test:

  • Power, torque, bearing temperature, vibration velocity, vibration acceleration, enveloped acceleration of bearing, and shaft speeds.
  • Changes in drive shaft load – up to 400kW
  • Changes in drive shaft rotational speed – from 0 to 1800 rpm both clockwise and anti-clockwise,
  • Changes in drive shaft torque – from 0 to 2565 Nm
  • Programmable load variation of tested gearboxes (incremental or sinusoidal). This allows for a gearbox to be tested under real operating conditions.

The analysis of the collected measurements are conducted using SKF’s specialized software @ptitude Observer and online vibration monitoring system IMx that allow for:

  • Direct monitoring of 16 channels with 24-bit resolution and frequency from 0 to 44 kHz
  • Automatic analysis of the collected data
  • Review and control of archived data
  • Control and monitoring from virtually anywhere in the world
  • Around-the-clock monitoring of machinery

We also use thermal imaging methods to test motors and gearboxes.